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The Countdown Comes to a Close, Crowfall is Fully Funded!

We Are Funded! by Shadowhorn

The Kickstarter countdown has come to an end and we have more than doubled the initial goal! Closing at $1.7 MILLION, we also hit all of the backer goals! New archetypes, relics, various features and much more can now be added to Crowfall thanks to your support. 
A message from the devs >>

The Stretch Goals Continue! Myrmidon Minotaur Archetype!

Myrmidon Minotaur by Shadowhorn

Stretch goals continue to be met for the Crowfall Kickstarter! Over four new goals have been added, one of which being the Myrimdon Minotaur archetype! ACE stated that if $1.5 million is reached, he will be introduced to the game.
Come learn more about him >>

Crowfall Announces Stretch Goals: Artifacts, Relics and Pack Pigs

Artifacts, Relics and Pack Pigs by Shadowhorn

Stretch Goal 3 has been announced which gives us a look at the Artifacts and Relics aspect of Crowfall while also expanding on mounts and caravans. What can these Pack Pigs do?
Come find out how to get one >>

Guild of the Month April 2015: Lords of The Dead

April 2015: Lords of the Dead by Shadowhorn

Guilds come and go and finding one that’s been around for almost a few decades is impressive. This month’s featured guild is Lords of The Dead and they’ve been a strong PvP presence in most MMO’s out there since 1995.
Come learn more about their history >>

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