The Crush Coin Scavenger Hunt Begins!

Crush Coin Scavenger Hunt! by Shadowhorn

To celebrate not only the completion of the Crowfall countdown but also the newly revamped Crush the Throne website, we wanted to give you the opportunity to win over 400 Crush Coins... daily! How do we do this you may ask? Through a scavenger hunt. You heard me right folks! I am proud to announce the first ever Crush the Throne Crush Coin Scavenger Hunt!
Crush Coins here, Crush Coins there, Crush Coins everywhere >>

Banner Creation Contest!

Banner Creation Contest! by Shadowhorn

Do you want to show off your graphics skills? Do you want to swim in a pool of Crush Coins for making a Crowfall themed banner? Well all of this is possible! We are asking you, the Crowfall community to design banners to be featured and used here on Crush the Throne. Are you up for the task?
Come learn more >>

Twitter Trivia

Twitter Trivia! by Shadowhorn

Do you know your Crowfall knowledge? Do you want to win Crush Coins by sending a simple tweet? If you answered yes to those questions then listen up! Crush the Throne is proud to bring you Twitter Trivia!
Watch out for the twitter ninjas >>

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